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In Guns We Trust

British Journal of Photography, by Marigold Warner

May 1, 2019

The Big Sandy is America’s largest machine-gun shooting range. It stretches a quarter of a mile across the western desert of Arizona, one of the most “gun-friendly” states in the country. Twice a year it is the venue for a three-day convention, where extreme gun enthusiasts sample their most sophisticated weapons.

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In Conversation: Caroline Monnet

By Anna Kovler
Apr, 2019

Since 2009 Caroline Monnet has been writing and directing films that centre on the strength and resilience of indigenous peoples in Canada. In her sculptural and installation work she uses materials like concrete, wood, arrows, copper and clothes to explore the complexity of indigenous identity from the vantage point of her urban position and lifestyle.

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Tammi Campbell at Arsenal Contemporary NY

Whitehot Magazine, by Johnathan Goodman

Mar, 2019

Tammi Campbell lives and works in Saskatoon  Canada, Her show at Arsenal Contemporary NY on the Lower East Side borrowed from major modernists and contemporary artists--Joseph Albers and Frank Stella among them--and then adds quite literally a contemporary cover, in the form of seemingly real package materials--bubble wrap, masking tape, etc.

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Psychological Slips: The Sculptures of Trevor Baird

By Anna Kovler
Jan, 2019

Molding and firing clay is among the oldest recorded human activities. In the Ancient Near East, clay was imprinted with tiny lines to keep records of grain and other goods. The Greeks made clay vessels for eating and drinking and for honoring the dead, the surfaces covered in intricate geometric designs and abstracted figures.

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Adieu à Nicola L, Pop Art Icon

Cultured Magazine

Jan 10, 2019

Over an extensive career, Nicola L journeyed from Morocco, where she was born, to Paris, the city where she first encountered Nouveau Réalisme to great influence, to New York, where she took roost in the Chelsea Hotel, and Ibiza, whose sun-kissed coast inspired the artist’s longstanding concern for the skin’s warm envelopment.

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Canadian Art

Jan 9, 2019

The suggestively placed knobs and shiny surfaces of feminist artist Nicola L’s functional sculptures tempt the viewer to stroke, poke, pull and touch. A commode, coffee table, bookshelf and two “sofas” playing dress-up as furniture invite sublimation and use while mocking the impulse to realize an absurd desire.

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