Canto Ostinato

Louis-Elyan Martin

Jul 13, 2019
12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

In collaboration with Danse Danse, Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal invites you to discover choreographer Louis-Elyan Martin. From July 2nd to July 13, Louis-Elyan Martin will invest our spaces for a creative residency. After two weeks of choreographic experimentations, this residence will conclude with an in situ performance of Canto Ostinato, on July 13.

Choreographer-performer Louis-Elyan Martin and performer Laurie-Anne Langis embark on an ephemeral journey through time, as they invite the public to dive in a meditative ritual which will confront them to a notion of time that is both collective and individual.

For 4 hours, following Dutch composer Simeon Holt Ten’s hypnotic music step-by-step, Canto Ostinato, the duo carry themselves in a minimalist trance. In a space-time informed by the surrounding space, the dancers follow, unite, escape, challenge each other and come together… in an infinite walk strewed with variations.

Louis-Elyan Martin (choreographer and dancer)
Laurie-Anne Langis (dancer)
Isabelle Poirier (external eye)
Simeon Holt Ten (music)

Entrance: Free with your ticket to Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal