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Wanda Koop: A Lifetime Of Learning

Eyes Towards the Dove, by Katy Diamond Hamer

Jun 2, 2018

Artist Wanda Koop paints in a very lyrical way. She let’s the paint dictate the painting, not completely dissimilar from The Composition Series  by Kandinsky. Using acrylic in a watered-down format, Koop has been making work for forty years. In that time, she has inherently studied the medium, how it responds to various surfaces, and how to work in a way that is freeing and uninhibited. 

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The Colorful Activism of Wanda Koop

Office Magazine, by Evan Nicole Brown

May 21, 2018

Walking through the space, an intimate and cool respite from the busyness of Bowery just outside, I couldn’t help but think about the impact of color, both in painting and in cultural conversations. Koop, a Winnipeg, Canada native, explains her relationship to cultural color early on: as a young girl, her family lived in close proximity to the Indigenous peoples of Winnipeg, and embraced one Native woman in particular as family.

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