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Editors’ Picks : 17 Things to See in New York This Week

Artnet, by Sarah Cascone

Oct 23, 2017

Kathleen Ryan: Pink Hook Iron Eyesat Arsenal Contemporary
Kathleen Ryan’s first New York solo show is like Shel Silverstein’s poemabout the man who planted a diamond come to life: giant, cast-iron queen palm seed pods bear fruit of rose quartz and jade. Other works include a massive pearl necklace made from bowling balls and a pink granite block, carved as if an invisible figure was perched on her throne.

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Beg, Borrow, Steal : With Several Exhibitions Involving Appropriation, New York Has a Second ‘Pictures ‘ Moment

ArtNews, by Alex Greenberger

Aug 21, 2017

Hannah Perry’s densely layered photo-based works at Arsenal Contemporary also addressed this never-ending stream of images. Pictures of eyes, palm trees, and hands, all sourced from the Web, are superimposed on each other in these silkscreened pieces, along with text that hints at violence, both emotional and physical. “Get out of my life,” reads one.

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Critics’ Pick

ArtForum, by Blair Cannon

Jul, 2017

This exhibition views the human body through its dehumanization. The show’s title alone, “Sticky Fingers,” evokes all manner of flesh, tainted and tantalizing. Caroline Mesquita’s carnival of sheet-metal monsters, displayed here as sculptures, also surrounds the artist in her video The Ballad, 2017, where they engage in standoffs and sexual acts.

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Editor’s Picks : 14 Things to See in New York This Week

Artnet, by Sarah Cascone

Jul 10, 2017

Martha Kirszenbaum has curated this group show, featuring Meriem Bennani, Elizabeth Jaeger, Wanda Koop, Piotr Łakomy, An Te Liu, Elizabeth McIntosh, Caroline Mesquita, and Louise Sartor, by bringing together works that “evoke the fragile tangibility of the human body, intertwining materiality with theatrical playfulness” to “ultimately disclose the vast disconnectedness and loneliness of modern existence.”

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Room Full of People: Mark Jenkins and the Perception of Presence

By Anna Kovler
Jun, 2017

As soon as the summer show was mounted at Arsenal Contemporary in Toronto, concerned neighbors began calling the police. They were worried about two people sitting on the roof of the building, a sheet thrown over their heads. Despite their perch atop an art gallery, and their obvious lack of movement, onlookers were convinced these were real people.

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Hannah Perry at Arsenal Contemporary NYC

Art Viewer

Jun 1, 2017

Arsenal Contemporary is proud to present Viruses Worth Spreading, an exhibition of new work by Hannah Perry on view from May 3 through July 2. The exhibition also comprised of Erotic Discourse 4, a performance by the artist, in collaboration with composer and musician Adam Bainbridge, performance curator Richie Shazam Khan, and clothing designer HYDRA.

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Hannah Perry : Viruses Worth Spreading

ArtReview, by Jeppe Ugelvig

May, 2017

During the performance at her new solo show, British artist Hannah Perry is seen sitting on the floor, hunched over her laptop and typing while smoking a cigarette. In the dark room around her, a group of performers bounce off contorted white blobs in plastic and foam scattered on the ground, momentarily enacting postures of affect such as longing, despair, anger and desire.

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The 25 Shows You Need to See during Frieze Week

Artsy, by Casey Lesser

Apr 27, 2017

Perry makes multidisciplinary work that probes gender, the internet, and social class, often tapping into the working-class aesthetics of auto-body shops common to her hometown in North West England. For this exhibition, Perry conjures heartache and trauma through a multisensory installation of video, sculpture, and music.

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Canada’s Arsenal Art Space Debuts on the Bowery With Ed Fornieles Show

Artnet, by Sarah Cascone

Apr 17, 2017

Ed Fornieles’s latest art project could just as easily be the next hot craze among tweens. It’s called “Finiliar,” and it’s a new species of cute, Tamogotchi-like digital creatures who have invaded the Bowery’s newest art center, the first American outpost of Canada’s Arsenal Contemporary.

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