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In Conversation: Caroline Monnet

By Anna Kovler
Apr, 2019

Since 2009 Caroline Monnet has been writing and directing films that centre on the strength and resilience of indigenous peoples in Canada. In her sculptural and installation work she uses materials like concrete, wood, arrows, copper and clothes to explore the complexity of indigenous identity from the vantage point of her urban position and lifestyle.

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The Bodybuilder

Office Magazine, by John Martin Tilley

Oct 6, 2018

Breasts stacked like frog’s eggs; the imprint of the artist’s arm or legs in motion as it progressively deconstructs the very sculpture representing it; plaster that captures the memory of her body leaning on or sitting in the confines of a space exploration habitat—these are the discoveries that await you in the uncanny world of Brazilian artist Juliana Cerqueira Leite. 

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Interview: Canadian Painter Kim Dorland On the “Same Old Future”

Juxtapoz, by Sasha Bogojev

Mar 2, 2018

Arsenal Contemporary NY recently partnered with Edythe for an upcoming exhibition featuring works by Canadian painter, Kim Dorland. On view from March 7 through April 22, 2018, Same Old Futures will be part of the gallerys mission to promoting dialogues between Canadian artists and their international contemporaries.

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