Graham Caldwell

Photo fournie par l'artiste

Photo fournie par l'artiste

Born in 1973 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)
Lives and works in Brooklyn (New York, United States)

Predominantly composed of glass and mirrors, Graham Caldwell’s works take shape in various manifestations but always call upon viewers to reconsider their perception of reality. Caldwell has exhibited his work in solo shows at the Martos Gallery in New York as well as at G Fine Art in Washington, DC. 

Caldwell’s sculpture entitled Compound Eye evokes the disturbing feeling of being watched. The mirror’s fixed gazes observe overlapping spaces, not unlike the security cameras that surveil empty streets and deserted passageways. This cluster of eyes composed of countless mirrors watches us while simultaneously distorting the image of passersby, effectively constructing a new visual logic. 

Graham Caldwell, Compound Eye, 2008, Mirrors and steel, 92" x 98" x 50" (234 x 248 x 127 cm). Photo credit: Romain Guilbault

Other exhibitions of the artist at Arsenal Contemporary Art