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Dorian FitzGerald

Born in 1975 in Toronto (Ontario, Canada)
Lives and works in Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

The visual practice of American artist Dorian Fitzgerald revisits the pictorial technique with charged compositions that capture the eye. The artist borrows a pre-existing imagery that he transposes in a digital version in order to trace his model on canvas. He then delineates each of the tints by caulking to fill them with solid-color surfaces of acrylic, thus creating a hypnotic effect defined in fractal zones. His works have appeared in several major institutions including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Galerie de l’UQÀM.

Hacker-Pschorr Beerhall, Oktoberfest, Munich is the work on the largest scale ever produced by the artist: it took him three years to complete it. The artwork represents a fictional scene from the traditional German Oktoberfest festival celebrating Bavarian culture. The artist, who sees himself as a contemporary court painter, translates in this work his socio-political interests with the lush aspect of its visual effects and its equally opulent representations. Thanks to a symmetrical and charged composition, Fitzgerald documents the excess of consumption typical of the contemporary era.

Artwork exhibited with kind permission of the artist and Clint Roenisch Gallery


Dorian FitzGerald, Hacker-Pschorr Beerhall, Oktoberfest, Munich, 2005, Acrylique et calfeutrage sur toile, 216" x 144" (548,64 x 365,76 cm). Photo credit: Romain Guilbault

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