Bharti Kher

Born in 1969 in London (United Kingdom)
Lives and works in New Delhi (India)

Bharti Kher holds a Bachelor of Arts in painting from the Newcastle Polytechnic. After her studies, Kher, following a political vision that colors her work by the means of artistic references to the postcolonial condition, emigrated from her native United Kingdom to establish herself in Delhi. As part of her practice, she works media such as sculpture, painting, installation, and ready-made. She is a recipient of the ARKEN Art Prize (2010) and is a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France (2015). 

Bharti Kher’s practice explores the non-physical by the means of the material world to address, among other things, cultural identity, hybridity, and the spectrum of the female body. She uses the bindi, symbol at the intersection of Hindu spirituality and female gender affirmation, by multiplying it on the pictorial surface. This technique transmits both the loss of meaning caused by cultural appropriation in tandem with mass production, and the handmade and sacred gesture that is repetition. With her abstract compositions, Kher rethinks tradition in a contemporary situation.

Bharti Kher, Algorithm for a goodheadfuck, 2018, Bindis on painted board, frame, 58" x 2 3/4" (147,32 x 6,99 cm). Photo credit: Isabelle Fexa

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